Fayette County

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Population: 301,569

Major City(s): Lexington

Education: Elementary – Arlington, Ashland, Athens-Chilesburg, Booker T. Washington Academy, Breckinridge, Cardinal Valley, Cassidy, Clays Mill, Deep Springs, Dixie Magnet, Garden Springs, Glendover, Harrison, James Lane Allen, Julius Marks, Lansdowne, Liberty, Mary Todd, Maxwell Spanish Immersion Magnet, Medowthorpe, Mill Creek, Northern, Picadome, Rosa Parks, Russell Cave, Sandersville, Southern, Squires, Stonewall, Tates Creek, Veterans Park, Wellington, Willaim Wells Brown, Yates; Middle – Beaumont, Bryan Station, Crawford, Edythe J. Hayes, Jessie Clark, Leestown, Lexington Traditional Magnet, Morton, SCAPA at Bluegrass, Southern, Tates Creek, Winburn; High – Bryan Station, Henry Clay, Lafayette, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Tates Creek; Other – Cater G. Woodson, Martin Luther King Jr. Academy of Excellence; Private – Bluegrass Baptist, Clays Mill Road Christian Academy, Hallis Traditional School, Lexington Catholic, Lexington Junior Academy, Montessori School Systems, Sayre, Trinity Christian Academy, Christ the King School, The Lexington School, Lexington Universal Academy, Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary School, Seton Catholic School, Peter and Paul School, Summit Christian Academy; Universities – University of Kentucky, Bluegrass Community and Tech, ITT Tech, Lexington Theological Seminary, Midway Lexington Campus, Transylvania

Government Leaders: Jim Gray, Lexington Mayor; Robert R. Damron (D), House District 39; Stan Lee (R), House District 45; Carl Rollins II (D), House District 56; Ryan Quarles (R), House District 62; Sannie Overly (D), House District 72; Kelly Flood (D), House District 75; Ruth Anne Palumbo (D), House District 76; Jesse Crenshaw (D), House District 77; Susan Westron (D), House District 79; Bill Farmer (R), House District 88; Julian M Carroll (D)Senate District 7; Alice Forgy Kerr (R), Senate District 12; Kathy W Stein (D), Senate District 13; Tom Buford (R), Senate District 22

Founded in 1780, Fayette County was formed from the former Kentucky County in Virginia, and separated from the state of Virginia to become the state of Kentucky. It was one of the 3 original counties that formed Kentucky including Jefferson and Lincoln counties. At one time Fayette County was compiled of 37 present day counties and portions of 7 others. It was reduced to its present boundaries in 1799. It was named after General Lafayette from the American Revolutionary War. Lexington hosted one of the first drug rehabilitation clinics, known as the “Addiction Research Center,” which opened in 1935 [9]. The first alcohol and drug rehabilitation hospital in the United States of America was also know as “Narco” of Lexington. In 1800, a religious revival broke out in Fayette County and it was embraced by Methodist, Presbyterians, and Baptists. This revival was an extension of the Cane Ridge Revival and was documented by Colonel Robert Patterson of Lexington Kentucky to the Reverend John King…”This was the largest meeting I had ever seen…It continued from Friday to Wednesday. About 12,000 persons, 125 wagons, 8 carriages, 900 communicants, 300 were struck…Of all ages, from 8 years and upwards; male and female; rich and poor; the blacks; and of every denomination; those in favor of it, as well as those, at the instant of opposition to it, and rallying against it, have instantaneously laid motionless on the ground.”

God we thank you for Fayette County and the impact this county and Lexington has on Kentucky. God we know that it is no coincidence that this city is known world wide, and we pray that this county would impact the world for Jesus. God we pray that you send a mighty spiritual awakening to the University of Kentucky and that just as the Cane Ridge Revival once impacted this region, that you would once again allow your spirit to flow mightily. God that you would bring a spiritual reformation to this county that would impact the entire state, nation, and world for Jesus.

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